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Canadian Orientation Abroad has provided orientation sessions
to over 200,000 refugee and immigrant participants.

Event: 200,000th participant to be served since 1998

200,000th Participant

During the first quarter of 2016, COA celebrated an important milestone: the delivery of service to our 200,000th participant. In celebration of this accomplishment, COA conducted a special session and interview with the 200,000th participant: Daniel Rocky Ndaye.

Rocky is a 20 year old Congolese refugee, and has been living in Kenya for the past 14 years. In 2015, Rocky and his family were selected by the Canadian government to be resettled in Canada.

The following stories are prepared materials for what happened during Rocky’s COA session, and a profile interview with Rocky after the session.

  • Full Length Article

    Full Length Article

    This provides an accurate account of the session on the 3rd-5th of February, which Rocky attended as the 200,000th COA participant.

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  • Media Release Narrative

    Media Release Narrative

    This provides a short narrative about COA's 200,000th participant and session.

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  • Profile - Rocky Ndaye

    Profile - Rocky Ndaye

    This is an interview between a COA facilitator and Rocky, exploring how he ended up in Kenya and his hopes for his future in Canada.

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