Newcomer Resources

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Resources

CIC has developed resources and tools to help newcomers to settle and integrate to Canadian communities. Check the key resources below, and don’t forget to visit CIC’s website:

Travelling to Canada

Before You Arrive

Find information about different immigration categories, as well as resources about Canadian immigration, customs at the border, and airline requirements.

Finding an Immigrant Service Provider

Find information about immigrant services in your province and area. Discover local community events and services.

Immigrant Service Provider
Finding a Job

Finding a Job in Canada

Find information related to employment, taxes, workplace culture, and finding a job in Canada.

Canadian Culture

Find information on Canadian museums, cultural centres, film, literature, and news sources. Explore Canadian culture!

Canadian Culture

Education and Language Training

Find information about the Canadian school system, universities/colleges, and apprenticeship programs. Explore language training options in your local area.

Credential Assessment

Find information on how to have your foreign credentials recognized in Canada, and learn where to find equivalency courses.



Find information on the Canadian housing market, renting an apartment, and tenant and landowner responsibilities.

Hospital and Healthcare

Find information on the Canadian medical system, how to find a hospital, and information on medical insurance.


Emergency Services

Find information about emergency services, such as police, fire-fighters, ambulances, and crisis-preparedness.