To be eligible to register for a COA session, you must not currently be in Canada, and have been provided with either an invitation from the Canadian embassy, a medical notification letter, a visa-pick up notification letter, or a visa to come to Canada in one of the following categories:

  • Economic Immigrants

    Economic Immigrants

    COA provides sessions to Federal Skilled Trades (FSTs) and Economic Immigrant classes, including Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) class, Provincial Nominee (PN) class, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Business Immigration classes (Investor, Entrepreneur and Self-employed) and their spouses and adult dependants.

  • Family Class

    Family Class

    COA provides sessions to Family Class Immigrants, including spouses and adult dependants.

  • Refugees


    COA provides sessions to Government-assisted (GARs), Visa office-referred (VORs), Privately-sponsored (PSRs) and Blended refugees.

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COA prepares Economic and Family Class immigrants for success in Canada with a full-day orientation session; an individual planning session specific to occupation and province of destination and; referrals to over 40 Canadian partners. This program, called Planning for Canada, is offered in partnership with the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program.

COA delivers Planning for Canada sessions in Colombia, Egypt, Lebanon, Nigeria, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and other mobile delivery locations. Our partner delivers sessions in other locations in the world.

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If you are an Economic or Family Class immigrant to Canada, please click here to register for a COA session.