23 Sep Youth Refugee Curriculum

Table of Contents Introductory Activities Overview of Canada Activities Employment Education Rights and Laws Health Housing Cultural Adaptation Money and Budgeting Transportation Travel to Canada Wrap Up and Evaluation Annexes Section 1 : Establishing classroom rules Section 2 : Getting to know you games Section 3 : Energy games Section 4 : Group formation activities Section 5 : Trust formation activities Section 6 :...

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23 Sep Participant Workbook

Table of Contents How much do you know about Canada? What is the capital city of each province? Mapping Canada Time zones What season is it? Seasons Activities for the season How do you dress for the season? Dressing in layers The faces of Canada Canada’s peoples Facts about Canada Answers Click here to access the full version....

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23 Sep Glimpses of Canada

Table of Contents How Much Do You Know? Canada, Your New Home Airports, Airplanes, and You What to Take with You Immigration and Legal Status in Canada Discovering Canada Your Arrival and First Weeks in Canada Winter in Canada Cultural Adaptation Where to Get Help Your Rights and Responsibilities Housing in Canada Health Care in Canada Education Transportation Money and You Budgeting Deductions...

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