10 Feb Monitoring visit in Colombia and Mexico

By: Tim Campbell, Settlement Officer – Integration Program Management, Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Greetings to the COA team from your project officer at CIC Headquarters!  During the 3rd week of January I was pleased to accompany Louise Bélanger in touring the COA offices in Colombia and Mexico as part of a monitoring mandate on behalf of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. What a wonderful experience! 

It was a real treat to see a COA immigrant session in Bogota, for Colombians who are about to immigrate to Canada.  Although the participants raised many questions and concerns about their new journey and settlement, Diana Niño, the facilitator, was excellent at answering everyone’s questions with accurate information.  I was very impressed with the way the session was organized and conducted, and am very satisfied to know that these people are ready for success once they arrive in their new Canadian cities. 

Although the new COA operation in Mexico City isn’t running yet, it was a pleasure to meet the IOM Mexico City staff, the CIC staff at the Canadian embassy, and especially, Rubi Lopez, the COA site administrator. The ground work is completed for a COA training room at the nearby El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, as well as an office where both staff can work and conduct individual consultations.I expect great things in the future from this site.

I really appreciated everyone’s kindness during these two visits. These monitors are important to the Canadian government as they allow me to explain fully to everyone at the Department what, exactly, is happening in the field, and to demonstrate the IOM’s commitment to good value for money.  I look forward to visiting other COA sites in the future, and to meeting more members of this great team.

All the best for 2015!

Tim Campbell