17 Jan ISANS to provide online pre-arrival services to newcomers preparing to move to Canada

By: Kathy Burnett – Immigrant Services of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

Immigrant Services of Nova Scotia (ISANS) is pleased to announce a partnership with designated settlement agencies across Canada – including the COA Program – in an innovative pre-arrival initiative!

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) is a virtual hub providing guidance and customized pre-employment supports designed to help newcomers find and retain employment in Canada. SOPA engages a network of six settlement agencies across the country to deliver training to prepare immigrants for successful integration into the Canadian labour market. This network provides training within the current local context creating a bridge to connect pre-arrival immigrants to their destined communities.  By participating in SOPA, immigrants will arrive in Canada better prepared, more confident and enter the workforce sooner.

SOPA’s focus is on pre-arrival employment related activities and outcomes and also includes needs assessments, referrals and information/orientation related to strengthening the employment goals.

Job search, job readiness and job retention are at the core of SOPA’s five facilitated and self-directed courses. SOPA will directly benefit clients who have a job offer as well as those seeking work. The indirect beneficiaries are employers seeking qualified, job-ready workers.  Canada benefits by having better prepared immigrants arriving and contributing to the economy faster.

For immigrants preparing to come to Canada, SOPA’s online courses provide opportunities to learn about

  • The Canadian labour market
  • Canadian workplace culture
  • Regulated professions
  • What to expect in the Canadian workplace
  • Communicating with co-workers
  • Connect with local resources in Canada before arriving.

Once eligible pre-arrival immigrants register, a SOPA intake counsellor will follow-up with a conferencing needs assessment session.  After exploring needs and prioritizing goals, clients are referred to appropriate skill development courses. 

SOPA delivery started in November and feedback from clients is positive!  We are pleased to work with partners such as Planning for Canada (a joint initiative between the Canadian Orientation Abroad Program and the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program) and look forward to providing more opportunities for immigrants to arrive in Canada prepared.

For more information, visit the ISANS website or send them an email at info@settlementonline.ca