10 Feb CIC Research and Evaluation Branch on the iCARE System

As a performance measurement data collection system, iCARE (Immigration Contribution Agreement Reporting Environment) collects data from CIC-funded organizations that deliver (re)settlement services to eligible clients. The data collected in iCARE supports grants and contributions programming and evidence-based evaluations through the collection of outputs, outcome and narrative data, and client consent to contact for future research.

The system launched in April 2013 and has since grown to include several modules:

  • Needs Assessment & Referral Services
  • Information and Orientation Services
  • Employment Related Services
  • Community Connections
  • Language Assessment and Language Training
  • Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP)
  • Settlement Client Outcomes Survey
  • Narrative Reporting and Annual Project Performance Report (APPR)

As CIC continues to develop the iCARE system, other modules will be added to enhance data collection on (re)settlement programming and performance measurement.

Organizations that are funded to deliver pre-arrival services to CIC clients beginning April 2015 will soon be required to report on activities through iCARE.