ACCES Employment: Planning for Canada Success Stories

20 Jun ACCES Employment: Planning for Canada Success Stories

By: Rose Chiu, Project Manger, ACCES Employment

ACCES Employment is a leader in helping newcomers to Canada to find meaningful employment in their sector. For more than a year, ACCES has been serving pre-arrival newcomers through an innovative virtual learning platform. This pre-arrival program, Canadian Employment Connections (CEC), is designed to help those in six major sectors (Engineering, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, and Supply Chain) to get to know the Canadian job market, understand the job search process, and connect them with our extensive network of employers.

Planning for Canada has been a referral partner to ACCES Employment from the beginning. We know many of those enrolled in CEC have already secured commensurate employment in their respective field prior to, or within six months of arriving in Canada. Job seekers work one-to-one with an Employment Consultant and Job Developer who are highly invested in the success of every job seeker.

Below are just a few of the many success stories that have resulted from the partnership between Planning for Canada and ACCES Employment:

Jonathan is from Nigeria with a background in Financial Services. Jonathan secured commensurate employment as an Administrator Officer at Save On Food in Winnipeg.

Amardeep joined the CEC program in October 2016 with a background in Human Resources in India. He connected with the ACCES team who specializes in his sector. Amardeep faced some challenges in finding a good job in a smaller city like Halifax where he was landing. He relied on his consultants at ACCES to help him find appropriate positions based on his experience level and background. Shortly after landing in Halifax, Amardeep secured a Human Resources position with a charitable organization. He is currently working toward HR designation in the province of Nova Scotia.

Leon is an IT professional from Lebanon. He had great experience in his field, but was concerned about his lack of knowledge about the sector in Canada. After working with an Employment Consultant and Job Developer to update his résumé, develop networking skills and practice mock interviews, his profile was presented to a global consulting firm for consideration. Leon was soon invited for a phone interview with a recruiter. This initial interview went very well so he was offered a second interview with the technical team, and third interview with the hiring manager. Prior to his landing in Canada, Leon was offered a job offer as a Software Developer at a global consulting firm in Montréal.

Funmilayo is from Nigeria with a background in Financial Services. Funmilayo secured commensurate employment as a Senior Associate at Copgemini Consulting in Halifax.

Jiamin, originally from China, joined the Canadian Employment Connections to help her find employment in her field of business and finance. She took full advantage of every resource available to her. She completed all the self-directed learning modules and attended the debrief sessions. She received counselling from the CEC team to create an effective Canadian-style résumé and learned how to generate employment leads. She applied for various positions at different financial institutions in Canada, and one month prior to her arrival in Canada, Jiamin secured a role as a Financial Analyst in Markham, Ontario.

Manik, a finance professional from India, joined the CEC program to gain knowledge about job searching in Canada. His confidence was low because he felt that employers would not hire someone with no experience in the field in Canada. Manik worked with the team at ACCES to familiarize himself with the finance sector in Canada, and how to succeed in finding employment. His consultant provided him with one-to-one support to help him gain confidence in finding work in Canada. Manik also worked with a Job Developer to apply for jobs, network, and arrange for information interviews. Just weeks after arriving in Canada, he secured a job as a Customer Service Representative at a major bank in Canada.

Maris is from the Philippines, with a background in Engineering. Maris secured commensurate employment as a Software Engineer at Net Suite in Toronto.

Sharmila joined the Canadian Employment Connections program from India prior to her arrival in Canada. She had been working at a multinational consulting firm as a Financial Analyst. Coming to Canada, she was looking for a similar role and looked to ACCES to help her do so. After completing the learning modules, Sharmila worked with her Job Developer to discover ways she could reach out to her current employer in Canada. As separate entities, she couldn’t apply for a transfer, but she would be open to apply for other roles as they were available in Canada. After several rounds of interviews, Sharmila was hired into a role as a Financial Management Associate at the same multinational consulting firm she had worked at in India – now in Canada.

Thank you to Planning for Canada for their partnership and continued commitment to helping pre-arrival newcomers find career success in Canada.

To register for Canadian Employment Connections, please email the team at

To register for Canadian Employment Connections, please email the team at