Every Individual has Opportunities for Employment: Mentee Feedback from JVS Toronto

27 Feb Every Individual has Opportunities for Employment: Mentee Feedback from JVS Toronto

Farah Alizadehahi, Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach

“Every individual has opportunities for employment” is the vision statement of JVS Toronto. To accomplish this, JVS offers a wide array of career and employment services which aim to find individuals meaningful employment and achieve their goals.  Their dedicated team of multi-disciplinary professionals is experienced in providing specialized employment services to newcomers including internationally trained professionals, women in transition, youth,and many other client groups of all races, faiths and nationalities.

JVS Toronto upholds the highest professional standards and incorporates continuous improvement in their programs and services.  They enable people to maximize their potential at work and school and help employers connect with the right human resources.

They bring together the resources of government, philanthropy, business and community to develop employment solutions.

Since its inception in 1947, JVS Toronto has helped more than 400,000 people fulfill their potential. Today, JVS Toronto operates from 5 locations within the GTA and offers Canada-wide Pre-Arrival Employment services to potential newcomers coming from across the globe.

JVS Toronto is a pioneer recognized for success and experience in providing online, individual and group mentoring services through their custom built website, Canada InfoNet.  Canada InfoNet is a national program which supports internationally trained professionals, trades and business people while transitioning into careers in their chosen profession before they immigrate to Canada.  Canada InfoNet’s Mentoring Coaches connect potential immigrants with experienced Canadian professionals who share their knowledge and insight into a given profession. The JVS Coaches also monitor and support the job-search process and as well as offer advice and guidance. Since the beginning of the program in 2001, Canada InfoNet has matched over 2000 newcomers and mentors. This access to first-hand knowledge helps new immigrants to easily integrate into Canadian society and the job market and build their professional networks in the new environment.

Mentee Feedback:

“I wish to convey my sincere thanks to you for connecting me with mentor.

Over the past couple of months, I have been in touch with my mentor, who has helped me work on my CV and revise it according to the current market requirements. She has also guided me on the various Certifications and Training programs which I can consider for my skill development. My mentor has always responded to my queries very promptly and the information provided by her has been in details and well explained.

Thank you once again!”

“Someday when I document my settlement experience, the mentorship program would be a very important chapter. I was enrolled in the program in October 2017, and guess what - I got a perfect match as a mentor with the help of my coach.

My mentor was very helpful through the journey. The most interesting part was having a recruiter prepare me for the Canadian job market. My coach monitored my progress and ensured the program was going well.

The program was an eye-opener and I have been spreading the word to other intending immigrants.

I look forward to apply all my learning when I finally arrive in the next 2 weeks.”